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“Just 45 minutes in their chair, I fell asleep they were so comfortable. It's like a cool, comforting hug, because the legs and arms and sides of the chair don't just support you, they fill up with air and help compress and massage all around your arms and legs and sides. It's like having 10 masseuses working on you all at once.”  Kathryn W ~ Solana Beach, CA

"I went in as a GIANT KNOT and now I'm not! After 45 minutes in the chair, I walked out in a massage coma. I recommend sanctuate! highly!” Scott O. ~ San Diego, CA

"What an incredible experience! The concept is right on target! Greeted by warm friendly people who explained the entire process, procedure, what to expect and how the chair works.  Then off for the massage! 40 minutes of relaxing heaven. The music was peaceful, the chair amazing.....No undressing, No slippery oils.  No added worries of allergy or skin reaction to oils, lotions or potions!” Denice N. ~ Portland, OR"



About sanctuate!

sanctuate! takes an ultra-modern approach to massage therapy and head-to-toe wellness. sanctuate! offers luxury chair massage, as well as other technology based wellness services, that are both convenient, effective and affordable. Massage is provided by the Inada Sogno DreamWave, "The World's Best Massage Chair™." Using the most advanced technology, our 30-minute massage is comparable to a 60-minute massage.

Stress? Fatigue? Sore muscles? No problem. sanctuate! has the massage you need when you need it. Choose feather-light or deep tissue programs or customize your own! This is massage therapy on your terms and a treat for all five senses!

Our full body 'smart' massage starts at just $15. At this price, you can't afford NOT to treat yourself!

It's time to recharge your body, mind, and spirit. It's time to sanctuate!


Why sanctuate!?

Private treatment rooms, calming music on Bose headsets, flat screen with soothing visuals, aromatherapy to help you relax and Himalayan salt lamps for balanced air.
No need to undress or get greasy from massage oils; no need to ruin hair and makeup - just kick off your shoes, sit back & relax!
No tipping and no contracts. We make it easy to get treatments on your schedule so you can feel great all the time. Sustain your wellness at sanctuate!

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